The Alternative Board

The Alternative Board allows business owners a platform to share ideas and collaborate with like-minded business owners and trusted advisors in their local business community. You can be like thousands of TAB members who have:

  • Increased sales and grown profit
  • Enjoyed the benefits of their hard work and business ownership
  • Enjoyed greater sense of achievement and work/life balance
  • Created a culture that empowers their organisation to drive their personal vision
  • Adapted their business to be less dependant on them
  • Develop a strategic plan that it is as manageable as it is dynamic
  • Recruited those great employees that can truly impact a business

A TAB membership offers the opportunities to work on your business strategically, discover new opportunities, take back control and fulfil your company vision. Ranked the world’s best coaching and advisory franchise and will provide you with the opportunity to work with business people who have your best interests at heart.